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Georgia Automobile Owners Insurance

The majority of men and women trying to find auto insurance in Georgia tend not to fuss about studying the fine print that has conditions that could turn against these individuals later on. Listed here are the clauses which will assist you differentiate between a good insurance policy and a poor plan. Prior to deciding to pick-up a pen and sign your life away in exchange for fresh new Georgia car owner’s insurance agreement, be sure to ask your insurance agent these top secret, yet essential questions.

A crucial question to inquire about is if your insurance policy is a name insured policy or a family policy. The difference between the two is the fact that in a family policy, all of the drivers in your family are covered which includes those that you might choose to lend your car or truck to even though the name insured only insurance policy covers the named policy holder only.

Georgia Auto Owner's PolicyWithout giving an in depth glance at the plan, quite a few drivers find themselves lending their cars to friends and family not knowing that in case of an accident, they will not be protected. its easy to understand why you should be aware of what you’re signing when shopping for Georgia auto insurance.

Another thing to consider when taking up a Georgia auto owners policy is the appraisal clause. This clause grants the auto owner the right for seeking an appraisal in case an insurer gives you an amount that is inferior that which your vehicle is valued at. A good auto policy should be able to give you this option or the option of involving a third party appointed by a court of jurisdiction in case of a misunderstanding. be careful, any contract missing this clause may render you completely powerless.

Pay keen attention to the limits of liability section before signing your auto owner’s policy. Most insurance companies have a clause saying that the limits of liability in all cases will be as defined by them. this grants them the right to limit the amount payable in case of a claim. basically, what we are trying to tell you is that if you don’t pay close attention to what you are signing, you can end up paying out of your own pocket for repairs that your insurance company should have covered.

At times the company may even dictate a repair shop for your car. so make it clear that all terms should be on your side, otherwise you never know in what situation you could end up in.

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